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Ohio Lumex CEM Systems

The Ohio Lumex Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) System is a group of instruments and equipment needed to measure the concentration of flue gas emissions as required by local environmental regulators. 

Depending on the type of fuel and combustion process, several gas components, including CO, NOx, and SO2 are typically continuously monitored in the flue gas at the stack, along with dust, gas flow, temperature and O2, and occasionally H2O. 

The data is collected by Data Acquisition System (DAS) for further processing, data storage, reporting and communication to the environmental authorities and stakeholders.


        We serve a wide range of industries and applications, including:

Coal-Fired Power

Gas Turbines

Pulp and Paper




Bio Diesel


Waste Incinerator




Bio Mass



Iron and Steel



CEM System Components

MEGA for Measurements - r1.png

Multi-Component Continuous Emissions Monitor 

  • Measures Multiple Gases Simultaneously

  • Flexibility to Use Optimal Measurement Technology Depending on Application

  • Designed for Process Control and/or Emissions Monitoring

  • Durable and Reliable Design

  • Economical Solution with Low Aquisition Cost

Dust Monitor

  • Laser Based Dust Measurements

  • In-Situ Zeroing and Span Calibration

  • No Background Light Influence

  • Infrared Remote Control

ISL-200 Laser for Measurements - R1.png

Laser Gas Analyzer

  • Small drift, long maintenance interval drift ≤±1%F.S./half year

  • Single line spectrum technology, free from interference of background gas

  • Integrated explosion-proof structure with no need for positive-pressure purge

  • In-situ measurement without sampling system avoids absorption, blockage, and damage, reducing cost

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