Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Instruments:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a harmless, odorless gas in low concentrations but becomes increasingly dangerous and can have an acidic smell as concentration levels rise.

CO2 occurs naturally in the atmosphere as an essential part of the photosynthesis process and on a larger scale as part of Earth's overall carbon cycle. It is naturally scrubbed/removed from the atmosphere when plants absorb it as part of these processes.

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer.png

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer

High performance carbon dioxide analyzer with the latest NDIR technology

  • Latest solid-state photodiode technology and proprietary zero correction methodology eliminates the need for a spinning wheel and light source modulation thus reducing number of wear items for improved reliability 

  • User-friendly InteliSense™ software platform across all Ei analyzers

  • Available in a variety of enclosure options, including rack-mounted, tabletop, wall-mounted, and portable

Ei3000 Compact Emissions Monitoring Syst

Ei3000 Compact Monitoring System

Fully integrated solution with analytical modules, sampling system, innovative software, and enclosure

  • Can measure multiple gases simultaneously

  • Compact, lightweight, and economical solution

  • Flexibility to use optimal measurement technology for application

  • InteliSense™ software with a simple and intuitive interface, and integrated Data Acquisition System (DAS)

As the primary greenhouse gas (gases that trap heat in the atmosphere) emitted via human activities, carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil) for energy and transportation, solid waste, trees and other biological materials, and as a result of specific chemical reactions (e.g., cement manufacturing).

Elemental Instruments, a division of Ohio Lumex, offers a range of carbon dioxide analyzers that provide online, real-time measurements to control and monitor emissions and processes.


  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Biogas Production and Power Generation

  • Coke Ovens in Integrated Iron & Steel Plants

  • Fossil Based Combustion Process

  • Automobile Industry

  • Flue Gas Stacks in Coal-Based Power Plants