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Ohio Lumex is founded by Joseph Siperstein and begins to introduce the RA-915 Mercury Analyzer to the market.

Chicago, IL is hit with a series of mercury spills and undertakes a massive cleanup effort. Critical to this effort is the Lumex mercury analyzer as the only available instrument capable of measuring at low levels while eliminating interferences through Zeeman Correction technology.

Ohio Lumex makes critical technological advancements in mercury measurement technology including sorbent traps, sorbent trap analyzers, and continuous emissions monitors.

The United States EPA takes notice of the unique capabilities of the Lumex analyzer and publishes an Environmental Technology Verification Report cementing the instrument as a must-have tool in the field of mercury measurements.

The United States EPA issues the Clean Air Mercury Rule, starting a feverish race to develop measurement technology that allows affected industries to comply with the new regulation.

Ohio Lumex begins to commercially implement new technology, which starts a growth spurt taking the company from 5 employees to 40+ employees in just a few short years.

The Field Services department becomes a major portion of the company as coal-burning sources turn to Ohio Lumex for their mercury measurement needs in preparation for meeting the mercury emissions limits.  Ohio Lumex performs hundreds of baseline studies and control technology evaluations over the next few years using its own analytical equipment.


Ohio Lumex continues to expand its market share in sorbent trap technology due to significant problems using continuous emissions mercury monitors for compliance measurements.  By the compliance deadline in 2015, the majority of sources abandon CEMs and turn to sorbent traps for compliance monitoring.

Ohio Lumex finalizes upgrading its portable continuous monitor into a permanently installed mercury process monitor. This monitor is successfully installed in over 100 locations over the next few years.

Ohio Lumex adds additional capabilities to its laboratory and field services including analysis of As, Se and Hg for Effluent Limitation Guidelines as well as an Entrained Flow Reactor for evaluation of PAC and other sorbents.


Ohio Lumex continues to work with regulatory agencies and industry partners to develop sorbent traps and associated methods for HCl, NH3, SO3, As, Se, etc. in order to improve on currently available technology.

Ohio Lumex expands its emissions monitoring presence in emerging markets by launching a cost-effective multi-element stack analyzer for simultaneous measurement of a variety of flue gases, including CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2, NH3, and others. 

Ohio Lumex celebrates 20 years of environmental and process monitoring innovation and leadership. Firmly established as an industry leader, Ohio Lumex continues to expand its offerings and footprint worldwide.


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