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Portable Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Light  Discontinued

RA-915 Light Photo_2.jpg
  • Since the RA-915 Plus has been discontinued, how long is it going to be serviced?"
    We will continue calibrating older units as long as they're functional. We will continue servicing older units until their replacement parts reserves are depleted.
  • How is RA-915 Plus different from the RA-915M model?
    The RA-915M is a further automated successor of the RA-915 Plus. The main advantage of the RA-915M is a new lightweight outer casing, built-in backlit screen display, automated calibration test cell and lamp ignition, a USB cable connection, and a higher upper detection limit (30,000 ng/m3 vs. 20,000 ng/m3).
  • Can older RA-915 Plus units be traded in for credit when purchasing a new analyzer?
    Yes. Please call us at 440-264-2500 for more details.
Refurbished Option Available for Purchase!

Since its introduction nearly 20 years ago, the RA-915 Light was widely accepted as the most accurate wide-range mercury analyzer on the market.


NOTE: RA-915 Light model has been discontinued and succeeded by the Light 915 model. Ohio Lumex will continue servicing RA-915 Light units until further notice. 

  • Measuring mercury vapor concentration in ambient air, as well as in the air of residential quarters and production areas

  • Tackling environmental problems, technological processes, and industrial sanitary and scientific research

  • Emergency response and mercury spill cleanup verification

  • Industrial hygiene 

  • Zeeman Background Correction

  • Second-by-second measurements

  • Onboard data-logging (optional)

  • Built-in Battery: 6.3 V

  • Dimensions: 18.1” x 8.2” x 4.2” (460 x 210 x 110mm)

  • Weight: 17 lbs. (7.5kg)

  • Principle of Operation: Atomic Absorption (AA) at 253.7nm wavelength

  • Mercury EDL Light Source

  • Detection Range: 0.1 - 100 ug/m3 (ambient air)

  • Power: 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz; dc 10/14 V; 15W Consumption

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