FlavourSpec Food, Beverage, and Flavor Analyzer


As the exclusive North American distributor for G.A.S. Instruments, Ohio Lumex is proud to offer the FlavourSpec Gas Chromatograph Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS) with Autosampler for analysis of food, beverage, and flavor samples without pre-treatment.

The FlavourSpec can quantify single marker compounds as well as easily detect the appearance of new compounds or the differences in their concentrations to a reference sample. It is a similar concept to the "electronic nose," but instead uses a specific and reliable physical separation/detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by GC-IMS. 


Designed especially for quality testing, the FlavourSpec features innovative functionalities with unparalleled user-friendliness due to its exceptional sensitivity (low ppb/L-range/µg) without the need to pre-treat samples.

  • Reliable product and ingredient quality control

  • Sample pre-treatment not required

  • Positive and negative mode for increased number of identifiable compounds

  • Static headspace of the solids and liquids

  • Editable compound library

  • User-friendly menu allows for operation of the system without a specialist

  • Compact design

  • Vacuum pump not required

  • Food freshness verification

  • Determination of Vicinal Diketones (VDK's), diacetyl and pentanedione, during beer brewing process

  • Quality control of commodities and finished products:

    • Herbs

    • Olive oil

    • Hops

    • Fish, meat

    • Dairy products

    • Fruit juices and other mixtures

    • Others 

  • Product authentication (fraud detection, counterfeits, etc.)

  • Impartial proof of product flavors

  • Sensory panel support

  • Early detection of off-smells

  • Flavor composition, blending (green tea, coffee, tobacco, etc) 

  • Product adulteration under specific storage conditions

  • Optimization of the manufacturing process

  • Outgassing VOCs from packaging/plastics/papers 

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