FPT-200 Flow Monitor


FPT-200 is an integrated temperature, pressure and flowrate online instrument which can continually monitor the temperature, pressure and flow rate of flue gas in a stack or duct, even under severe conditions.  Flow is an important parameter to calculate the pollutant emission in any Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

The FPT-200 has a high precision micro differential pressure/static pressure sensor equipped with a blowback unit.  Compared with conventionally integrated monitors, it can measure the pressure value to a minimum of 1m/s, with automatic or manual calibration for pressure and velocity.  An LED display provides for convenient reading of data, signal, and debugging.  The smaller size is convenient for installation, maintenance, and relocation.

Principal of Operation

The FPT-200 temperature, pressure and flowrate integrated monitor is based on the principle of pitot differential pressure.  When the pitot tube is inserted into the duct or stack, total pressure is measured facing the flow, and static pressure is measured facing the back of the flow.  The total pressure and static pressure data are then used to calculate the flow rate.

  • 2m/s flowrate measurement by ultra-low range pressure sensor

  • Includes LCD screen with HMI

  • Programmable: timing purge, velocity field, pitot coefficient, etc.

  • Over pressure protection to avoid damage to pressure sensor

  • Automatic zero calibration

  • Pitot anti-clogging, anticorrosive

  • Lower operating cost

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  • Range:

  • Accuracy:

  • Output Signal:

  • Pitot Material:

  • Purge Pressure:

  • Pressure Limit of Differential of Differential Pressure Transmitter:

0 – 40m/s; 0 – 15.5m/s
3 x 4 – 20mA, 1 x 232/485
316 Stainless Steel
0.3MPa – 0.8MPa


  • Range of Pressure Transmitter:

  • Pitot Insertion Length:

  • Range of Temperature Transmitter:

  • Temperature Range of Flue Gas:

  • Work Temperature:

-5kPa – 5kPa, -10kPa – +10Pa (Customizable)

400 – 1700mm

0°C – 300°C (Customizable)

-40°C – 300°C

-40°C – 70°C

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