Mercury (Hg) Products:

Ohio Lumex is the go-to mercury monitoring expert often called upon by private, commercial, and regulatory agencies. Our environmental and process monitoring equipment and services are utilized on a global scale. 

The introduction of a cutting edge mercury analyzer to the U.S. market was critical in measuring low levels of mercury in ambient air at spill sites and soon became the industry standard.

Following the mercury vapor analyzer's success and the introduction of the Clean Air Mercury Rule, Ohio Lumex made significant technological advancements in mercury measurement technology for compliance with US EPA regulations, including sorbent traps, sorbent trap analyzers, and continuous emissions monitors (CEMs). 

Hg - Mercury

915J Continuous Mercury Monitor.png

915J Continuous Mercury Monitor

Real-time speciating Hg emissions process monitor

  • Designed for use in challenging conditions

  • Excellent sensitivity and resolution at low levels

  • Second-by-second readings displayed as one-minute averages

  • Zeeman Correction technology to overcome interferences

RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer.png

Portable Mercury Vapor Analyzers

User friendly, real-time detection and measurement of mercury

  • Atomic absorption spectrometry paired with Zeeman background correction

  • High accuracy and sensitivity

  • Listed on the US EPA recommended Emergency Response Equipment List

  • Rechargeable lithium battery, up to 12 hours of operation

Mercury Sorbent Traps and Sorbent Tubes.

Mercury Sorbent Traps and Tubes

Simple, cost-effective method of measuring mercury

  • Specifically designed for use in a variety of compliance methods, including EPA Method 30B, EPA PS12B, RATA, and LEE testing

  • Halogen impregnated carbon optimizes mercury capture

  • Unrivaled QA/QC with ability to customize to any flue gas conditions

  • High moisture resistance, pluggage resistance for high particulate sources, acid gas resistance, high-temperature resistance, and more

OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System.png

OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System

Portable, lightweight and compact

  • Can be used to sample a variety of analytes, including Hg, HCl, NH3and SO3

  • Excellent portability and durability

  • Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) verifications and spot checks

  • Moisture removal and acid gas scrubber module

M324 Sorbent Trap Analysis System.png

M324 Sorbent Trap Analysis System

Direct analysis of mercury in stack emissions using sorbent traps

  • Critical tool for EPA Method 30B and Performance Specification 12B

  • Can be used to determine mercury concentrations in liquids and solids

  • Zeeman Background Correction

  • No catalyst or amalgamation required

RA-915AMNG Natural Gas Mercury Monitor.p

RA-915 AMNG Natural Gas Hg Monitor

Mercury monitoring in natural gas and other gaseous fuels

  • Continuous, on-line measurement of mercury in the gas flow

  • No chemicals, carrier gases, or zero gases

  • Low detection limit and wide measurement range

  • Online remote data transfer and analyzer control/calibration capabilities


  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Spill Response and Clean-Up

  • Flue Gas Stacks in Power Plants (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas)

  • Cement Plants

  • Coke Ovens in Integrated Iron and Steel Plants

  • Gold Roasters

  • Mining

  • Liquified Natural Gas Facilities

  • Natural Gas Pipelines

  • Waste Incinerator Stacks

  • Pulp and Paper

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