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  • Landfill Flare Gas

  • Sulfur Recovery Units

  • Refinery Fuel and Flare Gas

  • Landfill Gas Extraction and Treatment

  • Natural Gas Extraction and Treatment

  • Hydrodesulfurization of Petroleum Fractions

  • Catalytic Reformer Hydrogen Recycle Gas

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) C3 Gases

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Field Services

Highly trained engineers dedicated to keeping your instrumentation operating at peak performance

  • Field Service Engineers are available to troubleshoot and resolve problems on-site where they can interact with your instruments and staff to prevent and remediate issues

  • On-site testing by one of our Lab Analysts when the need arises

  • Specialty testing services for industrial facilities and specializes in especially challenging measurements

  • SCR support to optimize performance and catalyst management

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer.png

Laboratory Analysis Services

Leading source for laboratory analysis and onsite sampling services

  • All-inclusive range of analysis services performed according to industry methods and standards

  • Accurate results that are easy to understand

  • Gas, liquid, and solid analysis available

  • The industry's best turnaround time, with options to meet your specific needs



H2S occurs naturally in crude petroleum, natural gas, volcanic gases, hot springs, and can also result from bacterial breakdown of organic matter. Industrial sources of H2S include petroleum refineries, natural gas plants, petrochemical plants, coke oven plants, food processing plants, and tanneries.

Elemental Instruments, a division of Ohio Lumex, offers a range of hydrogen sulfide analyzers that provide online, real-time measurements to control the emissions, protect environment and plant equipment.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a flammable, toxic, colorless gas that is often characterized as having a ''rotten egg'' smell. People can typically smell hydrogen sulfide at low concentrations in air, ranging from 0.0005 to 0.3 parts per million (ppm). Brief exposure to high levels of H2S can cause death, while lower, long-term exposure can lead to eye irritation, fatigue, and headaches.

H2S Analyzers

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