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  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)

  • Process Monitoring

  • Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene

  • Gas Purity

  • Respiration and photosynthesis rates monitoring

  • Bioreactors

  • Micro-Profiling

  • Oxygen content in headspace and sealed environments

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Aquaculture

  • Marine/Ocean Sciences

  • Microfluidics

  • Others

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer.png

Field Services

Highly trained engineers dedicated to keeping your instrumentation operating at peak performance

  • Field Service Engineers are available to troubleshoot and resolve problems on-site where they can interact with your instruments and staff to prevent and remediate issues

  • On-site testing by one of our Lab Analysts when the need arises

  • Specialty testing services for industrial facilities and specializes in especially challenging measurements

  • SCR support to optimize performance and catalyst management

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer.png

Laboratory Analysis Services

Leading source for laboratory analysis and onsite sampling services

  • All-inclusive range of analysis services performed according to industry methods and standards

  • Accurate results that are easy to understand

  • Gas, liquid, and solid analysis available

  • The industry's best turnaround time, with options to meet your specific needs



The product lines range from micro-sensors to robust mini-probes, contactless sensors which work in both gas and liquids, and a unique solvent-resistant probe that works in many polar and non-polar solvents. Complete plug-and-play systems, as well as portable and OEM solutions, are widely used in a vast array of scientific and industrial applications.

Elemental Instruments, a division of Ohio Lumex, offers a range of oxygen analyzers that provide online, real-time measurements to control and monitor emissions and processes.

In addition, Ohio Lumex is an official distributor of PyroScience high-precision optical pH, oxygen and temperature sensors based on a unique optical detection technique (REDFLASH technology).

O2 Analyzers and Instruments

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