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  • Ambient Air and Industrial Hygiene

  • Individual Health and Safety Monitoring

  • Process Monitoring

  • Motor Vehicle Emissions and Roadside Monitoring

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

  • Ozone Disinfection

  • Semiconductors

  • Food and Beverage

  • Water Treatment

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Field Services

Highly trained engineers dedicated to keeping your instrumentation operating at peak performance

  • Field Service Engineers are available to troubleshoot and resolve problems on-site where they can interact with your instruments and staff to prevent and remediate issues

  • On-site testing by one of our Lab Analysts when the need arises

  • Specialty testing services for industrial facilities and specializes in especially challenging measurements

  • SCR support to optimize performance and catalyst management

Ei200 CO2 Analyzer.png

Laboratory Analysis Services

Leading source for laboratory analysis and onsite sampling services

  • All-inclusive range of analysis services performed according to industry methods and standards

  • Accurate results that are easy to understand

  • Gas, liquid, and solid analysis available

  • The industry's best turnaround time, with options to meet your specific needs



Outside the ozone layer, the gas is harmful to air quality and becomes dangerous for humans, animals, and plants. Breathing ozone negatively affects respiratory systems with the potential of causing permanent lung damage and triggers a variety of health problems including, but not limited to, chest pain, cough, throat irritation, and asthma.

Man-made ozone is heavily used in various industries for sterilization, purification, and preservation purposes, which creates an additional potential risk source for public health and well-being.

Ozone has a distinctive sharp, pungent smell. While an average nose can pick up the intense scent of ozone at concentrations as low as 10 ppb, the US EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) set the harmful exposure levels greater than or equal to 70 ppb within an 8-hour or longer time frame.

Elemental Instruments, a division of Ohio Lumex, offers a range of cutting-edge stationary and portable ozone monitors that provide low-level online, real-time measurements for a variety of industry and public health applications.

Ozone (O3) is a non-flammable, colorless gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. Based on its location in the atmosphere, it can affect life on Earth in different ways. It is often said to have positive and negative effects.

"Good" ozone naturally occurs in small amounts in the atmosphere's upper levels and forms the ozone layer that protects Earth's life from the Sun's hazardous ultraviolet radiation.

"Bad" ground-level ozone is anthropogenic and created by chemical reactions between nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the sunlight acting as a catalyst. Some of the air pollutants contributing to ozone creation come from car emissions, power and chemical plans, industrial boilers, refineries, etc.

Ozone Monitors and Analyzers

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