Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) Instruments:

Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) are composed of a group of seven compounds. Of those compounds, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the only one regulated by the U.S. EPA because of its prevalence in the atmosphere generated by manmade activities. Not only is NO2 a critical air pollutant, but it can also form ozone (O3) and acid rain as it reacts in the atmosphere. Additional nitrogen oxides include nitrous acid and nitric acid (NO).

NOX - Nitrogen Oxides

Ei400 NO, NO2, NOx Analyzer.png

Ei400 NO/NO2/NOX Analyzer

High performance nitrogen oxides analyzer with the latest CLD technology

  • Wide dynamic measurement range (multiple orders of magnitude)

  • Selective and long-lasting blue LED converter eliminates ammonia bias

  • User-friendly InteliSense™ software platform across all Ei analyzers

  • Available in a variety of enclosure options, including rack-mounted, tabletop, wall-mounted, and portable

Ei3000 Compact Emissions Monitoring Syst

Ei3000 Compact Monitoring System

Fully integrated solution with analytical modules, sampling system, innovative software, and enclosure

  • Can measure multiple gases simultaneously

  • Compact, lightweight, and economical solution

  • Flexibility to use optimal measurement technology for application

  • InteliSense™ software with a simple and intuitive interface, and integrated Data Acquisition System (DAS)


  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Rotary Kilns in Cement Plants

  • Coke Ovens in Integrated Iron & Steel Plants

  • Boiler and Captive Power Plant in Oil Refinery

  • Sulfur Recover Units in Refineries

  • Process Heater in Petrochemicals

  • Flue Gas Stacks in Coal-Based Power Plants

  • Biomedical Waste Incinerator Stacks

  • Incinerator Stacks in Common Waste Burning Facilities

  • Sugar Mills

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