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Innovative Optical Sensor Solutions for

pH, Oxygen and Temperature

Ohio Lumex has been an official distributor of PyroScience products in the U.S. and Canada for over 4 years. PyroScience is a manufacturer of high-precision optical pH, oxygen and temperature sensors based on a unique optical detection technique (REDFLASH technology).

The product lines range from micro-sensors to robust mini-probes, contactless sensors which work in both gas and liquids, and a unique solvent-resistant probe that works in many polar and non-polar solvents. Complete plug-and-play systems, as well as portable and OEM solutions, are widely used in a vast array of scientific and industrial applications including:

PyroScience FireSting Pro.png

Optical Multi-Analyte Meters, Portable and OEM Modules

Needle Type Optical Temperature Sensors.

Fiber-Optic Sensors, Sensor Spots, Flow-Through Cells, and more

PyroScience - Oxygen Needle and Robust P

Fiber-Optic Sensors, Sensor Spots, Flow-Through Cells, and more

Combined Optical Sensors.png

Respiration Vials and

Flow-Through Cells

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Fiber-Optic Sensors, Sensor Spots, Respiration Vials, and more

Respiration and photosynthesis rates monitoring




Oxygen content in headspace and sealed environments




Marine/Ocean Sciences

Eddy Covariance Measurements



Many more