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HCl Sorbent Traps Approved as EPA Alternative Test Method

ALT-129: Alternative to U.S. EPA Method 26

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently approved a new Alternative Test Method for HCl measurement. This method allows coal-fired power plants with dry stacks to use sorbent traps rather than Method 26 impinger trains to measure stack HCl concentrations.

HCl sorbent traps can be sampled with the same sampling equipment used for mercury sorbent traps, and the sampling procedure is nearly identical. Analysis is performed via ion chromatography and the quantitation limit is 0.1 ppmv with reasonable sample volumes.

Benefits of Sorbent Traps:

  • Direct, in-situ measurement

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

  • No fragile glass impingers, chemicals or ice baths

ALT-129 may be used for both quarterly compliance testing and verification of HCl CEMS.

HCl Sorbent Traps | Sampling System


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