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Ohio Lumex Appointed Exclusive Distributor of G.A.S. Products in United States and Canada

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

G.A.S. Flavourspec Sensitive Analyzer for Food, Flavor & Beverage Testing

CLEVELAND, OH – Ohio Lumex, a global leader in environmental and process monitoring, has been awarded exclusive distribution rights of G.A.S. GC-IMS products in the U.S. and Canada.

G.A.S., based in Dortmund, Germany, develops custom instruments that detect and quantify hazardous or unwanted compounds at low ppb-level in air or gases. They use a unique two-stage separation technique for the often-difficult matrices, combining gas chromatography coupled with ion mobility spectrometer.

“I am very excited about the opportunities that the G.A.S. GC-IMS product line brings to Ohio Lumex,” said Bennett Rubin. “In addition to strengthening our pioneering work in measuring Siloxanes in Biogas, and expanding our analytical instrumentation offering to our growing laboratory channel, we now can offer unique, cost-effective solutions to new market segments, including wine, beer, cannabis, and medical.”

With the addition of the G.A.S. GC-IMS product line, Ohio Lumex expands its gas monitoring and analysis capabilities in VOC monitoring and Siloxanes in Biogas, and adds new applications such as product quality control and authentication in such areas as food and beverage, tobacco and cannabis, impartial flavor documentation, off-smell detection, and many more.

A full list of product offerings is available at

About Ohio Lumex: Ohio Lumex has been a leader in providing environmental testing and support dervices, including analytical instrumentation, laboratory services, and field testing and consultation for 20 years. More information is available on the company’s website,

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