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Thanks for Visiting Our Booth at the RNG Works 2022

The Ohio Lumex Biogas Team at RNG Works 2022
The Ohio Lumex Biogas Team at the RNG Works 2022

Attending and exhibiting at the RNG Works Technical Workshop & Trade Expo has become a tradition for our Biogas Team. Thank you for visiting our booth last week in Nashville, TN.

Ohio Lumex plays a critical role in the Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry by advising producers, equipment manufacturers, pipeline operators, utilities, etc. on biogas and RNG analysis and offering a one-stop shop service to support every customer's unique needs. Besides sampling, analysis and consulting services, Ohio Lumex offers the state-of-the-art biogas and RNG comprehensive monitoring systems as well as individual analyzers for all industry applications including raw biogas, process monitoring and control, truck offloading, RNG interconnection compliance, etc.

Learn more about the comprehensive list of offered biogas and RNG products and services here.

About the Event:

RNG WORKS is designed for farmers and feedstock owners, RNG project developers, operators, financiers, engineers, equipment providers, manufacturers, EPC, technology and service providers, marketers, transporters, fleets, municipalities, universities, utilities and other end-users, consumers and customers who want to better understand RNG project finance, development, operations, deployment and utilization.

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