NO, NO2, NOX Analyzer (Ei400)

High performance nitrogen oxides analyzer with the latest CLD technology

Using the proven Chemiluminescence (CLD) measurement principle combined with the latest detector technology, the Ei400 NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer measures the reaction between nitric oxide and ozone to determine the nitric oxide concentration in gas. 

Incorporating a blue light LED or thermal converter into the sample path converts nitrogen dioxide into nitric oxide, thus allowing for the measurement of total nitrogen oxides (NOx) concentration.

  • Wide dynamic measurement range (multiple orders of magnitude)

  • Extremely selective and long-lasting blue LED converter eliminates ammonia bias

  • Solid-state detector

  • Sample extraction via educator eliminates need for vacuum pump

  • 7” (or 10” optional) color touchscreen display

  • Auto high-frequency zero correction eliminates drift

  • High sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Low number of wear items for improved reliability

  • Adaptive signal filtration allows for low noise while maintaining fast response time

  • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation

  • Modbus TCP/IP communication and analog outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA)

  • Remote access capabilities

  • Front panel USB for firmware upgrades, data download, or peripheral devices

  • Innovative InteliSense™ software platform across all Ei analyzers for consistent, simple, and user-friendly interface, operability, and data display

  • InteliSense Software Features:

            -Modern, user-friendly interface

            -Simple set-up and operation

            -Selectable units (ppm, mg/m3, or %)

            -Customizable graphical data display

            -Instrument Alarms

            -Data logging

            -Error logging

            -Zero and span logging

            -“Dark Mode” option

Available Options
  • Thermal Converter

  • External Vacuum Pump

  • 10” Display

  • Enclosure Options:

            -19” Rack-Mount Enclosure

            -Tabletop Enclosure

            -Wall-Mount Enclosure

            -Portable Enclosure

  • Ammonia Measurement Function (only available in presence of low NOx concentration)

  • Add-On Gas Measurements:

            -O2, H2O, CO, CO2, SO2, CH4, H2S, others

Typical Applications
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)

  • Process Monitoring

  • Fuel Cell Analysis

  • Engine Testing

  • Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene

  • Safety

  • Vehicle Emissions

  • Combustion Efficiency

  • Others

Available Configurations

19" Rack

Wall Mount



Available Measurements

Ei400 NO, NO2, NOx Analyzer Flyer

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