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O2 Analyzer (Ei600)

High performance oxygen analyzer with the latest optical technology

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Using a luminescence quenching technique combined with state-of-the-art electronics, the Ei600 O2 Analyzer measures oxygen by passing a gas sample through an analytical flow-through cell where a unique oxygen-sensitive proprietary REDFLASH indicator is excited with red light, and the properties of the resulting luminescence are measured in the near-infrared (NIR).

The presence of molecular oxygen in the sample quenches the indicator’s luminescence, temporarily changing its intensity and lifetime, which is subsequently measured by the detector. Oxygen content in the sample is determined utilizing an algorithm measuring the lifetime detection of REDFLASH indicator luminescence.

  • 7” (or 10” optional) color touchscreen display

  • High sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Adaptive signal filtration allows for low noise while maintaining fast response time

  • Modbus TCP/IP communication and analog outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA)

  • Remote access capabilities

  • Front panel USB for firmware upgrades, data download, or peripheral devices

  • Innovative InteliSense™ software platform across all Ei analyzers for consistent, simple, and user-friendly interface, operability, and data display

  • InteliSense Software Features:

            -Modern, user-friendly interface

            -Simple set-up and operation

            -Selectable units (ppm, mg/m3, or %)

            -Customizable graphical data display

            -Instrument Alarms

            -Data logging

            -Error logging

            -Zero and span logging

            -“Dark Mode” option

Available Options
  • 10” Display

  • Enclosure Options:

            -19” Rack-Mount Enclosure

            -Tabletop Enclosure

            -Wall-Mount Enclosure

            -Portable Enclosure

  • Add-On Gas Measurements:

            -H2O, CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, CH4, H2S others

Technical Specifications
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Typical Applications
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)

  • Process Monitoring

  • Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene

  • Gas Purity

  • Others

Available Configurations

19" Rack

rack design.png

Wall Mount

rack design.png


rack design.png


rack design.png
Available Measurements
  • Oxygen (O2)

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Ei600 O2 Analyzer Flyer

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Application Questionnaire

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