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Mercury Monitor - Natural Gas (RA-915 AMNG)

Mercury monitoring in natural gas and other gaseous fuels

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The AMNG Mercury Monitor is designed for continuous, on-line measurement of mercury in natural gas or other gaseous fuels. The monitor components can be housed in a variety of enclosures, including a general-purpose 19” rack-mount enclosure, a purged enclosure, or an explosion-proof enclosure. Utilizing Zeeman Background Correction technology, the monitor is capable of measuring low mercury concentrations while correcting for interferences in the gas stream. Automatic zero and span corrections allow for stable long-term operation with low maintenance requirements.

  • No carrier gases required

  • No zero or span gases required

  • Automatic zero drift correction

  • Automatic span drift correction

  • Long-term calibration stability

  • Zeeman Background Correction

  • External communication via Modbus or 4-20mA

  • Direct continuous measurement

  • Low detection limit and wide measurement range

  • Low maintenance

  • Customized configuration

Available Options


  • 19” rack-mount or tabletop enclosure suitable for general purpose areas 

  • Wall-mount purged enclosure suitable for hazardous areas

  • Wall-mount explosion-proof enclosure suitable for  hazardous areas

Technical Specifications
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Typical Applications
  • Mercury monitoring in natural gas

  • Feedback control of Mercury Removal Units (MRU)

  • Feed forward process control for MRU

  • Monitoring of MRU for petroleum refinery process gas

  • Design optimization of MRU

  • Gas analyzer buildings along pipelines and intersection points

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Available Measurements
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Mercury Monitor for Natural Gas - AMNG Flyer

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Application Questionnaire

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Permanent Installation Continuous Mercury Monitor RA-915AM

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