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Gas Chromatograph and Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS)

User-friendly multi-purpose trace gas analyzer

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As the exclusive North American distributor for G.A.S. Instruments, Ohio Lumex is proud to offer the Gas Chromatograph - Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS) for use in several analytical measurements including, testing for residual solvents, impurities from production, abnormal flavor detection, ingredients authentication, odors or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) monitoring from industrial plants, cosmetics and perfume on human skin, and many more.

The GC-IMS combines the high selectivity of a chromatograph with the exceptional sensitivity (low ppbv or µg/L range) of an IMS. The option to change the polarity of the drift voltage allows the GC-IMS to detect a variety of substances, including ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, amines, sulfates and phosphorous organics, as well as halogenated compounds.

  • Standalone operation with integrated software

  • Manual or automatic operation including data acquisition, analysis, visualization, and data export

  • Access to all relevant parameters for method development: temperature control for IMS, column and sample loop, flow control of internal sampling pump, and drift and carrier gas

  • Direct sampling using an electrical 6-port valve and integrated pump

  • Simultaneous calibration/quantification of different compounds

  • User-friendly, one-click menu allows for operation of the system without a specialist

  • Compact design

Available Options

µTD GC-IMS Thermo-Desorber

  • Automated analyte absorption and thermal desorption unit (µTD)

  • On-site sub-ppb detection of volatiles

  • Spatial combination of sampling onto adsorption tubes and thermal desorption with subsequent analysis on-site

  • Improved sensitivity due to analyte enrichment on adsorption trap

Circular Gas Flow Unit

  • Allows GC-IMS to operate independently from any external gas supply

  • System only requires power supply for operation

  • Viable on-site measurements

Technical Specifications
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Typical Applications
  • Process measurement in control of TICs

  • Gaseous fuels odor monitoring

  • Siloxane Monitoring

  • Biomethane Monitoring

  • Human Breath Analysis

  • Food, Beverage, and Flavor Analysis

  • Many others

Available Configurations

19" Rack

rack design.png

Wall Mount

rack design.png


rack design.png


rack design.png
Available Measurements
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GC-IMS Flyer

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Thermal Desorber Flyer

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Circular Gas Flow Unit Flyer

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