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Mercury Complex Matrices System (RA-915F)

Direct mercury measurement in solids and liquids

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The RA-915F Mercury Analysis System combines facets of the PYRO-915 attachment with Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry for a complete system designed for direct mercury measurement in solids and liquids such as food, coal, FGD slurry, fly ash, raw feed materials, and other complex matrices.

  • Direct mercury determination in complex matrices in 90 seconds 

  • Highest selectivity and lowest detection limit on the market

  • No sample prep or conditioning required 

  • No catalyst, compressed gas cylinder or gold trap consumables required for operation

  • Broad dynamic measurement range (>5 orders of magnitude) 

  • No memory effect, matrix independent

  • NIST traceable calibration 

  • Rugged design for laboratory and field 

  • Suitable for direct analysis of gold traps per ASTM 5954 and crude oil per EPA Method 7473 (SW-846) 

Available Options
Technical Specifications
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Typical Applications

Direct determination of mercury concentrations in solid and liquid samples, such as: 

  • Coal, fly ash, gypsum 

  • Crude oil and naphtha 

  • Wastewaters and sludge 

  • Soils and sediments 

  • Food and biological materials 

  • Cosmetics

  • Others

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Available Measurements
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RA-915F Analyzer Flyer

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