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nanO3 Portable Ozone Monitor

Ozone detector that provides accurate, on-the-go measurements

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The nanO3 Portable UV Ozone Monitor has the reliability and accuracy of larger models with the added benefits of small size and versatility. An intuitive and simple interface allows for out-of-the-box operation with no training or special expertise.

The nanO3 displays real-time ozone concentration and has a built-in data logger that allows for 16 GB storage and easy transfer to an external device via USB port.

Using Ultraviolet Atomic Absorption at 254 nm allows for high accuracy measurements of ambient ozone levels with low ppb detection limits. The state-of-the-art UV LED light source allows for superior performance, long life, and minimal interferences compared to other technologies.

It is useful in a variety of applications, including air quality surveys, emission testing, ozone control system monitoring, or in any work environment where workers can be exposed to ozone.

  • Compact, portable design built for extended field use

  • 4.25” color touchscreen display with a modern, user-friendly interface for simple operation and data readings

  • Sample conditioning to eliminate moisture interferences

  • Optional GPS for data logging specific ozone measurement locations

  • Internal rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of functionality

  • Low number of wear items for improved reliability

  • Long-Lasting UV LED Light Source

  • Fast Response Time

Available Options
  • Soft Carrying Case

  • External Backup Battery

Technical Specifications
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Typical Applications
  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Research Monitoring and Measurements

  • Individual Exposure Monitoring

  • Health and Safety Monitoring

  • Motor Vehicle Emissions and Roadside Monitoring

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

  • Ozone Disinfection

  • Semiconductors

  • Food and Beverage

  • Water Treatment

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Wall Mount

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Available Measurements
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nanO3 Portable Ozone Monitor

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