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Mercury Sorbent Traps - Hg in Water

Simple, cost-effective method of measuring mercury in water

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Hg in Water Sorbent Traps are less cumbersome than other mercury in water methods. They are easy to sample on-site without the need for chemicals required by other methods and are a cost-efficient way to test samples when compliance methods are not required.

Ohio Lumex Sorbent Traps are backed with over 20 years of expertise in mercury measurement and extensive field testing.

  • Each sorbent trap consists of two activated carbon sections, primary capture and breakthrough. The breakthrough section is an additional quality measure to ensure the utmost accuracy.

  • Fewer chemicals (therefore fewer carriers of contamination) than other methods

  • Easy to use and can be performed quickly on-site

  • No digestion

  • Durable for field use

Available Options
Technical Specifications
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Persee Technical Specs.jpg
Typical Applications
  • Industrial Wastewater Management

  • Engineering Studies

  • Others with water Hg levels in the mid ppt to ppb

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Available Measurements
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Hg in Water Sorbent Traps Flyer

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