SO3 & Sulfuric Acid Mist Sorbent Traps



These sorbent traps capture SO3, Sulfuric Acid Mist, and H2SO4 and are especially useful for SCR engineering purposes, although they can be sampled anywhere from economizer outlet to stack.


Sorbent traps are versatile, small and lightweight. They are non-hazardous and disposable. Sorbent traps outperform other methods because they are easy to use, produce quality data, and reduce mobilization and labor costs.



  • Coal-Fired Power Plants

    • Measuring SO3 upstream and downstream of the SCR in order to determine conversion rate of SO2 to SO3

    • Used in conjunction with mercury oxidation studies around the SCR

    • ESP Outlet (recommend isokinetic sampling)

    • Stack (recommend isokinetic sampling)

  • Sulfuric Acid Plants

  • Pulp and Paper Plants

  • Others

Why You Should Measure SO3


  • Very Corrosive

  • Competes with Hg for Active Sites on Activated Carbon (ACI)

  • Contributes to Ammonium Bisulfate (ABS) Formation on SCR Catalyst, Inhibiting Denitration

  • Contributes to Air Preheater (APH) Fouling Issues

  • Leads to Blue Plume Formation

Simple Alternative to Cumbersome Current Method 8A


  • Sampling impinger trains typically require a team of technicians and significant mobilization time

  • Sampling locations are difficult to access and unforgiving to the specialty glassware used

  • Impinger solutions may consist of hazardous materials which must be transferred and containerized on-site.

  • Avoid these issues by using sorbent traps

Patent-pending Sampling System OLM30B 


  • Ensures Successful Measurements

  • In-line Thermocouple for Accurate Temp Control

  • Maintains Precise Control of Flow Rate

Quality Verified Via EPA Method 30B QC Performance Criteria


  • Breakthrough

  • Pair Agreement

  • Spike Recovery

  • Various Sampling/Analytical Checks

Ohio Lumex Laboratory: The Only Lab You Should Trust


  • Developed Proprietary Sample Preparation Method

  • Measure Sulfate in Sorbent Matrix via Ion Chromatography

  • Can Quantify Sub-PPM Concentrations of SO3 with High Precision

  • Developing Viable Alternatives that can be Performed On-Site

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SO3 & Sufuric Acid Mist Sorbent Trap Application Diagram

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