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 Customer Testimonials

Please pass my gratitude on to the entire Ohio Lumex team. Your instruments have allowed us to speed the process by which we can clear residents to reoccupy their homes significantly. You're making a real difference in people's lives and you should all be very proud of your product.

Ohio Lumex Customer
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Your One-Stop-Shop for Biogas Analysis

Instruments and services for all biogas analysis applications, including renewable energy, interconnection compliance, pipeline integrity, R&D, and process control
Sorbent Traps
  • Hg

  • HCl & HBr

  • NH3

  • SO3

  • Se & As

  • Siloxanes

  • Custom​​

Field Services
  • Gas Analyzers
    2, H2S, Hg, CH4, O2, O3, H2,
    2, H2O, Siloxanes, Breath, Others)  

  • Sampling Systems

  • Integrated Monitoring Systems

  • Laboratory Instruments

  • Optical Sensors & Meters

Analytical Laboratory
  • Analysis Services

  • Biogas Analysis Services

  • Mercury Analysis Services

  • EPA EMC Test Method Analysis

  • Methods Development Services

  • Consulting Services

  • NELAP Accredited

  • Environmental Testing

  • Biogas/RNG Sampling

  • Commissioning & Training

  • Instrument Service

  • On-site Laboratory Analysis

  • Consulting Services

  • And More​​​

Core Areas of Expertise

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