About Ohio Lumex

Ohio Lumex began over 20 years ago with a cutting-edge mercury analyzer that quickly became the industry standard and continues to be a critical tool for industrial hygienists, first responders, and EPA offices throughout the United States. 


Now a worldwide leader in environmental monitoring and consulting, the company has expanded into four core areas of focus:

  • Instruments, including the design, manufacturing, and distribution of state-of-the-art Continuous Emissions Monitors (Hg, CO, CO2, NOx, O2, others), Sorbent Trap Sampling Systems, and Optical Oxygen Sensors.

  • Sorbent Traps, a wide range of the highest quality sorbent traps, including Hg, HCl, HBr, NH3, SO3, Se, As, customized to source conditions.

  • Laboratory Services, a NELAP Accredited Laboratory with a specialty in EPA EMC Test Method Analysis, custom projects and methods development, and the industry’s highest quality and fastest turnaround.

  • Field Services, including environmental testing and consulting, instrument training and service, and onsite laboratory analysis.

  • Continuous Emissions Monitors

       (Hg, CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2, others)  

  • Continuous Process Monitors (NH3, H2S)

  • Sorbent Trap Sampling Systems

  • Optical Sensors (O2, Temperature, pH)

  • And More


Sorbent Traps
  • Hg

  • HCl & HBr

  • NH3

  • SO3

  • Se & As

  • Custom


Field Services
  • Environmental Testing

  • Consulting

  • Instrument Training

  • Instrument Service

  • On-site Laboratory Analysis

  • And More​


Analytical Laboratory
  • NELAP Accredited Laboratory

  • EPA EMC Test Method Analysis

  • Custom Projects & Methods Analysis

  • Highest Quality

  • Fastest Turnaround


Core Areas of Expertise

 Customer Testimonials

Please pass my gratitude on to the entire Ohio Lumex team. Your instruments have allowed us to speed the process by which we can clear residents to reoccupy their homes significantly. You're making a real difference in people's lives and you should all be very proud of your product.

Ohio Lumex Customer

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