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Industrial Hygiene

Back in 1999, our one of our main reasons for starting Ohio Lumex was to assist the industrial hygienists and first responders with their mercury vapor detection needs by introducing a state-of-the-art RA-915 mercury analyzer to the market. The instrument become (and remains) an industry staple and must-have tool for the US EPA, hazmat offices, and fire departments across the nation.

Utilizing state of the art Zeeman background correction technology combined with a multi-pass cell enables our mercury instruments to make precise trace-level mercury measurements, even in the presence of interfering gasses.

In recent years, several instrument configuration improvements have been made based on the end user’s feedback. Our mercury analyzers have become smaller, lighter, quieter and more user friendly. We are constantly focused on innovation and take pride in our ability to continue providing our customers with the best available technology.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the available options and customizations.

Industrial Hygiene Products


Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM)

Ideal for permanent installations, the rack-mounted RA-915AM performs continuous real-time mercury measurements in ambient air and…

RA-915M Portable Mercury Vapor Analyzer with Hose

Mercury Vapor Analyzer (RA-915M)

The RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer is widely accepted as the most accurate and sensitive mercury vapor…


Mercury Vapor Analyzer (Light-915M2)

The Light-915M2 is a compact, portable mercury analyzer designed for direct Hg vapor measurement in ambient…

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