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Mercury (Hg) occurs naturally in soil and rock throughout the earth’s crust, including in crude oil and gas deposits. Even at low concentrations, mercury poses a range of problems for refiners to consider, since it can be present in a range of chemical forms. This provides a challenging degree of volatility to Hg contaminant. Refiners must consider a wide range of environmental, operational, industrial hygiene, and commercial issues in order to eliminate the potential distribution of this contaminant across the process streams and discharge. That is why the ability to accurately measure mercury, even at trace levels, is of an essential importance. 

Since early days of its operation, Ohio Lumex has provided technology and expertise for making precise trace-level mercury measurements. The state of the art Zeeman background correction technology combined with a multi-pass cell helped our mercury instruments become, and remain, an industry staple when it comes to analytical measurement demands.

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RA-915M Portable Mercury Vapor Analyzer with Hose

Mercury Vapor Analyzer (RA-915M)

The RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer is widely accepted as the most accurate and sensitive mercury vapor…

Mercury Solids Attachment (PYRO-915)

Available as an attachment for the RA-915M mercury analyzer, the PYRO-915 is designed for the precise determination…

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