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BreathSpec Human Breath Analyzer

Test Volatile Substances Directly from Human Breath

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As the exclusive North American distributor for G.A.S. Instruments, Ohio Lumex is proud to offer the BreathSpec Gas Chromatograph Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS) for VOC trace detection in human breath.

The BreathSpec features dual physical separation of volatile compounds that, together with the sensitivity of the IMS, enables the detection and quantification of compounds in complex matrices down to low ppb levels. This allows for direct analysis of relevant volatile organic substances used as markers for illnesses or toxic chemicals inhaled by a human.

With a variety of sampling methods, you can ensure a non-invasive, hygienic standard for breath donors. A typical multi-compound scan using BreathSpec can take a little as 10 minutes.

BreathSpec in the News:

Check out these news stories showing researchers working to develop a test for COVID-19 by using human breath analyzed by the BreathSpec:

  • “B.C. researchers work on new COVID-19 breath test to detect virus”

            VIDEO  |  ARTICLE

  • “BC researchers developing breath test for COVID-19”


Product Details

BreathSpec Human Breath Analyzer Features

  • Sample preparation not required
  • Only requires a power supply (equipped with a gas recycling unit)
  • Easily transportable for point-of-care testing
  • Sampling options include:
    • Direct sample via handheld connection
    • Remote sampling using disposable syringes
  • User-friendly, one-click menu allows for operation of the system without a specialist
  • Compact design


µTD GC-IMS Thermo-Desorber
  • Automated analyte absorption and thermal desorption unit (µTD)
  • The micro TD preconcentrates the sample before injecting into BreathSpec to gain more compounds from the breath (see final image)
  • On-site sub-ppb detection of volatiles
  • Spatial combination of sampling onto adsorption tubes and thermal desorption with subsequent analysis on-site
  • Improved sensitivity due to analyte enrichment on adsorption trap

BreathSpec Human Breath Analyzer Technical Specifications

Please see attached flyer

Typical Applications for BreathSpec Human Breath Analyzer

Available Measurements for BreathSpec Human Breath Analyzer

  • Methanol
  • Ethanol
  • Propanol
  • Acetone
  • Acetonitril
  • Butanone
  • Pentanone
  • Hexanone
  • Heptanone

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