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Emission standards are legal requirements governing air pollutants released into the atmosphere. Many industries face evolving emissions standards for both existing and new point source categories. These rules set quantitative limits on the permissible amount of specific air pollutants that may be released from specific sources over specific time-frames.

Ohio Lumex’s experience, flexibility, and know-how are well suited to meet these evolving regulations head-on. By offering expertise, technology, and solutions tailored to the unique challenges posed by environmental regulations, Ohio Lumex has positioned itself as a valuable partner, supporting customers in their efforts to reduce emissions, protect public health, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Please see below for products and services that may be suitable for your needs or contact us to discuss your specific application(s).

Emissions Products

Woman doing laboratory Analysis

Analytical Laboratory

The Ohio Lumex Laboratory offers analysis services in the fields of biogas, natural gas, industrial emissions,…

Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitor (915J)

The 915J Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitor is an online mercury process monitor designed for use in…

Mercury Sorbent Traps – EPA Method 30B

EPA Method 30B sorbent traps are specifically designed for Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) and Low…

Blue Capped EPA PS12B Glass Hg Mercury Sorbent Trap

Mercury Sorbent Traps – EPA Method PS12B

EPA Performance Specification 12B (PS12B) sorbent traps are specifically designed for continuous emissions mercury monitoring. This…

Sorbent Trap Analysis System (M324)

Designed specifically for the analysis of mercury sorbent traps, the M324 Sorbent Trap Analysis System is…

OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System with Probe

Sorbent Trap Sampling System (OLM30B)

The OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System is designed specifically for Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) using…

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