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Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM)

For continuous real-time mercury vapor monitoring

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Ideal for permanent installations, the rack-mounted RA-915AM performs continuous real-time mercury measurements in ambient air and gases. Designed for indoor operation or installation in climate-controlled cabinets, the embedded PC controls data recording, processing, and transfer via RS-232/485 interface, current loop, or MODBUS.

Product Details

Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM) Features

  • Real-time direct continuous measurements in ambient air
  • Fully automated, simple to operate
  • Rugged design and low maintenance
  • Auto control and preventative maintenance functions
  • Controlled by keypad or computer via USB interface or Bluetooth
  • Catalyst and carrier gases-free operation
  • Lowest detection limit, highest selectivity and widest detection range on the market
  • Built-in performance verification test call, auto-zero drift and span drift correction
  • Multisampling points option is available
  • Can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack

Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM) Technical Specifications

Range I,
Range II, ng/m³ Range III, ug/m³
Measurement Range
0-2,000 0-120,000 0-3,000
Limit of Detection 0.5 10 0.2
Zero Drift Correction Automatic
Span Correction Automatic

Typical Applications for Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM)

  • Real-time mercury vapor monitoring in air and gases.
  • Continuous industrial hygiene and workspace monitoring
  • Process control monitoring

Available Measurements for Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM)

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