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Ohio Lumex has become increasingly well known for our expertise in biogas/RNG analysis, and our one-stop-shop approach is resonating with clients, including producers, pipeline operators, utilities, etc., who have sometimes referred to gas analysis in this industry as the “wild west.”

Rather than having one group conduct onsite sampling, then sending it to one or more labs that typically have no experience in the complexities of biogas/RNG sampling, then purchasing monitoring equipment from another party who has adapted equipment from other industries, we provide the complete turnkey solution, designed and optimized for the biogas/RNG industry, and tailored to the clients’ needs.

We Do It All

  • Onsite sample collection
  • Sampling equipment, supplies, and guides
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Continuous monitoring equipment
  • Methods development
  • Consulting

Experience Matters

Every landfill project is different, and as a leader in biogas/RNG analysis, our experience in continuous monitoring, onsite sampling, and laboratory analysis is unmatched, leading to accurate and reliable data that all parties trust.

Landfill Gas (LFG) typically introduces greater concentrations of certain trace constituents that require removal to meet gas quality requirements. For example, older landfill wells can introduce mercury (Hg) from thermometers and light bulbs, while newer wells will introduce greater amounts of siloxanes from plastics, shampoo, soaps, makeup, and other silicon-based products. There is also a greater concern for toxic metals like arsenic, antimony, copper and lead, and PCBs.

In addition, radioactivity is often tested as naturally occurring radon gas can infiltrate the wells, and the potential for alpha and beta particles from radioactive waste exists.

In addition to designing and manufacturing equipment, we have been there, done it, and written or helped write the official methods. We’re the ones the industry comes to for advice, and as part of our commitment to quality our field personnel go through a rigorous training program. You can trust Ohio Lumex to get the job done right, professionally and cost-effectively, and be there to support our clients.

As part of our commitment to supporting our customers, we’re including a link on the right to the automated Sample Volume Calculators for our gaseous fuels sampling systems. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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