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Having started purely as a mercury monitoring expert back in 1999, Ohio Lumex has since grown and diversified into serving a greater variety of environmental industry sectors from renewable energy to climate change research.

Over the last decade, our company has expanded its emissions analysis and monitoring capabilities to include a multitude of methods for various gas components. We’ve become the market leader in gas sampling technology and analysis and added an in-house NELAP accredited analytical laboratory. Now, we continue to work with regulatory agencies and industry partners to improve upon existing, and develop new, monitoring technologies and analysis methods.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the available product and services offerings that support your environmental monitoring needs.

Environmental Products

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Analytical Laboratory

The Ohio Lumex Laboratory offers analysis services in the fields of biogas, natural gas, industrial emissions,…

Mercury Monitor – Ambient Air (RA-915 AM)

Ideal for permanent installations, the rack-mounted RA-915AM performs continuous real-time mercury measurements in ambient air and…

Compact Biogas Monitoring System (Ei3100)

The Ei3100 Compact Biogas Monitoring System is a cost-effective, all-inclusive integrated monitoring system with online data…

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