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Sorbent Trap Sampling Systems

Ohio Lumex carries a variety of sorbent trap sampling and analysis systems for both the gaseous fuels and emissions industries.

Gaseous Fuels Sampling Systems

110 Gaseous Fuels Sorbent Trap Samping System

The 110 can be used with a variety of sorbent tubes/traps, including siloxanes, Hg, HCl, HF, and NH3, NDPA, PCBs & pesticides, radon and others. 

Ei310 Gaseous Fuels Sampling System

310 Gaseous Fuels Sampling System

The 310 can be used with a variety of sampling methods, including sorbent tubes/traps, sampling bags, cylinders, canisters, and sampling trains, including toxic metals (EPA Method 29), PCBs, pesticides, radiological testing, and biologicals.

Natural Gas Sorbent Trap Sampling System with Case

Gaseous Fuels Mercury Sorbent Trap Sampling Systems

This sorbent trap sampling system is specifically designed for testing mercury (Hg) in natural gas with gold sorbent traps for ASTM Methods D5954, D6350, or other similar applications.


OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System with Probe

OLM30B Sorbent Trap Sampling System

Because the OLM 30B is designed for RATA tests, it’s most frequently used to measure mercury. However, it can also be used with other analytes including HCl, NH3, SO3, or Selenium and Arsenic.

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