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Introducing the Ei2800 Biogas/RNG Monitoring System


Super-Fast, Extremely Sensitive, Multiple Sample Streams

Ohio Lumex is proud to introduce the new Ei2800 Biogas/RNG Monitoring System. It offers all the benefits of traditional GCs, while eliminating their limitations. What’s our secret? The core difference is a TCD Sensor technological breakthrough.

  • Sensitivity increased by Orders of Magnitude
    • 500 ppb DL
  • Dramatic increase in speed/response time
    • ~60 seconds for complete gas composition analysis
  • One TCD detector for all compounds
    • Major Gases (CH4, CO2, CO, O2, H2, N2, He, H2S)
    • Hydrocarbons (C3+, C6+, or C9+)
    • Heating Value & Relative Density (ASTM D3588)
    • Trace Moisture (H2O)

Beyond the incredible TCD detector, the Ei2800 also includes:

  • Wall mountable, compact design (30 x 30 x 12”)
    • Suitable for C1D2 hazardous areas
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Fully integrated monitoring system, including
    • Probe
    • Sample line
    • Moisture separation
  • Multi-stream capability
    • Analyses complete within the 15-minute EPA RFS mandate
  • Options for raw biogas monitoring
    • Inert coating for high H2S
    • Vacuum eductor for low pressure (< 3 psi)
  • Option for continuous siloxane monitoring
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimal carrier gas consumption (5ml/min.)
  • Low power requirements
  • EPA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compliant

The result is one analyzer for all your Biogas and RNG needs.

  • RNG interconnection compliance
  • RNG process monitoring, including raw biogas
  • Natural gas
    • Custody transfer
    • Trace oxygen
    • Trace moisture
    • Sulfur compounds (14 common per ASTM D6228)
    • BTEX
    • Siloxanes

In production, field-tested, and available to order now. 

Come See Us at Biogas Americas

Ohio Lumex is exhibiting at Biogas Americas, May 14 – 16, at the Savannah Convention Center in Savannah, Georgia, Booth 428.  We look forward to discussing all your gas analysis needs, including:

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