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Looking for New Growth Opportunities? Consider Biogas/RNG Sampling


Did you know Ohio Lumex is a leader in Biogas/RNG Sampling & Analysis?

Ohio Lumex is well known throughout several industries for its Combustion Gas emissions sampling equipment and laboratory analysis. Over the last several years, Ohio Lumex has expanded its range of sampling and analysis methods and has established itself as a leader in Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) applications.

Our expertise with Mercury in Coal-Fired Power Plant emissions took us to natural gas as the LNG Terminals being built along the Gulf Coast needed to monitor Mercury in the natural gas pipelines feeding their facilities. Requests then came for a solution for measuring and monitoring Siloxanes, as they were showing up everywhere, and like Hg, were very difficult to sample and measure.

We became the leader in Siloxanes, and over time expanded our offering into a comprehensive program for Biogas and RNG sampling, analysis, and continuous monitoring.

Did you know Ohio Lumex is a leader in Method Development for Biogas/RNG?

We work very closely with the US EPA, ASTM and other bodies, and are long-term members of the ASTM D03 Gaseous Fuels Committee. Ohio Lumex has revised and drafted several methods, and recently received a grant from the US EPA to develop a Sorbent Trap/Tube for measuring metals (Copper, Lead Arsenic, Antimony, etc.) as an alternative to the cumbersome, expensive, and hazardous EPA Method 29.

Since Method 29 is currently the only method available to the Natural Gas/Biogas/RNG industry for measuring metal concentrations, this development effort was welcome news and the grant proposal was formally supported by ASTM.

Biogas/RNG Sampling & Analysis is a Growth Opportunity for Stack Testers

This is a growth industry, and nearly every Landfill, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dairy Farm, Pig/Hog Farm, and Food Waste Digester, etc. in North America is investing in capturing their methane and upgrading it to feed engines to generate electricity, make steam, and/or produce RNG for injection into the natural gas pipeline grid.

To design optimal upgrading equipment, these facilities need to sample and analyze the raw gas. To meet gas quality specifications and tariffs, these facilities need to sample and analyze the production gas. Your skills and knowledge easily translate to this industry.

Ohio Lumex is your Partner in Biogas/RNG Sampling and Analysis

Ohio Lumex is your One-Stop-Shop destination for Biogas Analysis Services, including sampling equipment and laboratory analysis. Our new 310 Series Gaseous Fuels Sampling System was designed specifically for you. It is extremely cost effective, accurate, easy to use, and is compatible with just about everything, including Sorbent Traps, High-Pressure Cylinders, SUMMA Canisters, Tedlar Bags, EPA Method 29 and Biologicals (sometimes referred to as Microbial Influenced Corrosion or MIC) Sampling Trains, etc. The Ohio Lumex Analytical Laboratory offers all of the industry accepted methods, and with the customer service we are known for.

This is a new, high-growth industry, and most of our clients have little knowledge or experience in gas sampling and analysis methods. They need our help recommending a solution for their application needs, and they will need your help coming onsite to properly and safely sample their gas according to the appropriate method.

Elemental Instruments Continuous Monitoring Solutions

A portion of our Biogas Sampling and Analysis clients will also need to continually monitor their biogas, and Ohio Lumex, through our Elemental Instruments Division, offers a full line of continuous monitoring systems. Whether it’s the Ei2100 Biogas/RNG Monitoring System for monitoring compliance of production gas to pipeline tariffs, the Ei3100 Compact Biogas Monitoring System for biogas upgrading process control and basic RNG compliance monitoring, or the Ei2300 Siloxane Monitoring System to optimize their siloxane removal media and prevent siloxanes from impacting equipment downstream, we can customize a solution to meet all of their application needs with state-of-the-art, cost effective, accurate, fast responding, and reliable systems.

This is the first in our new series on Biogas Sampling & Analysis, and we look forward to working with you onsite as we conquer this new frontier together.

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