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Need to do More than Mercury in Air Analysis?


We offer a comprehensive Zeeman Mercury Analysis System

Unequaled in its comprehensiveness, simple analysis procedure, and accurate low-level

detection from nanograms per cubic meter to parts per trillion, the RA-915M has several compatible attachments to create an all-in-one solution. This option is perfect for any laboratory or field set-up that requires the ability to determine precise mercury concentrations in gas, solid and liquid samples without the need for different analysis systems. Easily switch between solids and liquids attachments or remove them for real-time mercury in air and gas analysis.

Paired with Zeeman background correction, Atomic Absorption technology allows for direct mercury sample analysis with minimal sample preparation and low run times of 60-90 seconds on average. No auto-sampler is required.

The full system is robust and easily transportable via Pelican case, making it well-suited for on-site use whenever immediate test results are desired. Thanks to the user-friendly hardware and software interfaces, any user can be trained to assemble, calibrate, and maintain the system for daily uses.

You can review the system components by clicking the links below:

PYRO-915 Attachment for solids, liquids, and complex matrices such as oil, soil, biological tissue, naphtha, organic samples, etc. utilizes Thermal Atomic Absorption operation principle and is suitable for ASTM 5964 and US EPA Method 7473 (SW-846).

RP-92 Attachment for liquids utilizes the Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption operation principle and is suitable for US EPA Method 245.1.

RA-915M Mercury Vapor Analyzer utilizes Atomic Absorption with Zeeman background correction technology. It meets and exceeds the current US EPA and ATSDR standards for industrial and residential remediation limits, including OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH, and MSHA action levels.

The variety of possible applications of this system include yet not limited to:

  • Ambient Air Mercury Analysis
  • Direct Mercury Vapor Analysis
  • Personal Mercury Vapor Monitor Analysis
  • Mercury Analysis in Liquids
  • Mercury Analysis in Solids or Complex Matrices
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Mercury Spill Detection and Clean-up
  • Environmental Inspection and Remediation

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