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Ohio Lumex Celebrates 20 Years of Environmental Testing


CLEVELAND, OH – Ohio Lumex, a global leader in environmental and process monitoring equipment and services, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019. In an era of new regulations, process optimization, and risk management, Ohio Lumex has reached two decades of innovation and growth.

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Founded in 1999 by Joseph Siperstein, the company’s President, Ohio Lumex quickly established itself as a mercury monitoring expert with the introduction of the RA-915 Mercury Analyzer to the U.S. market. The RA-915 was critical in measuring low levels of mercury in ambient air at spill sites and soon became the industry standard.

Following the success of the RA-915 and the introduction of the Clean Air Mercury Rule, Ohio Lumex made significant technological advancements in mercury measurement technology for compliance with US EPA regulations, including sorbent traps, sorbent trap analyzers, and continuous emissions monitors (CEMs). These innovations led to commercial implementation and rapid growth of the company.

“I am incredibly proud of the people who have helped build this company into what it is today,” said Joseph Siperstein. “What started as a company in my garage, has grown into a team of more than 50 skilled engineers, chemists, expert technicians, and business professionals. I feel humbled by the industries and people we serve and am honored to call so many of them my dearest friends.”

Over the last ten years, Ohio Lumex has expanded its emissions analysis and monitoring capabilities to include a multitude of methods for various gas components, become the market leader in gas sampling technology and analysis, added an in-house NELAP Accredited Analytical Laboratory, and continues to work with regulatory agencies and industry partners to improve upon existing, and develop new, monitoring technologies and analysis methods.

“With a constant drive for innovation and a paramount focus on quality and customer satisfaction,

I truly believe in less costly and more robust analytical instrumentation development for emissions measurements throughout the world,” Siperstein continued.

About Ohio Lumex: Ohio Lumex has been a leader in providing environmental emissions testing and support services, including analytical instrumentation, laboratory services, and field testing and consultation for 20 years. More information is available at the company’s website, www.ohiolumex.com.

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