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Ohio Lumex Completes Analytical Laboratory Expansion


Ohio Lumex is proud to announce the completion of its Analytical Laboratory expansion project.  The multi-million-dollar investment included doubling of the floor space, acquiring new state-of-the-art equipment, and hiring and training additional chemists and support personnel.

Now operational, the expansion significantly increases the Company’s capacity to accommodate the growing demand for its comprehensive suite of biogas, RNG and overall gaseous fuels services, including:

New Ohio Lumex Lab space
  • Major Gases
  • Hydrocarbon Dewpoint
  • Sulfur (Total and Speciated)
  • VOCs
  • SVOCs
  • Mercury
  • Siloxanes
  • Ammonia
  • Toxic Metals
  • Chlorine & Fluorine
  • Aldehydes & Ketones
  • PCBs and Pesticides
  • Radiologicals (Radon, Alpha & Beta particles)
  • Biologicals
  • Others

In addition to significantly increasing Ohio Lumex’s ability to serve the fast-growing biogas/RNG market, the expanded capacity and staffing allows the Company to address the growing demand for expedited turnaround. 

“Recognizing that every day a producer cannot flow gas results in lost revenue, our investment allows us to provide reliable, expedited service to our clients, 52 weeks a year.”

Bennett Rubin, Director of Sales and Business Development, Biogas/RNG

Our Metals Lab will also allow us to produce and analyze our new Toxic Metals Sorbent Traps, providing a long-awaited Sorbent Trap alternative to the cumbersome, expensive, and hazardous EPA Method 29. The Gaseous Fuels version will be in the field later this year. 

Please contact Ohio Lumex today by emailing mail@ohiolumex.com or calling the office at 440-264-2500 to learn more about how we can help provide fast, reliable and accurate analysis of your gaseous fuels.

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