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Ohio Lumex Launches Biogas Sampling Certification Program


As Ohio Lumex becomes increasingly well known for our expertise in biogas/RNG analysis, our one-stop-shop approach is resonating with clients, including producers, pipeline operators, and utilities, who have sometimes referred to gas analysis sampling and laboratory analysis techniques in this industry as the “Wild West.” To further complicate the matter, many labs have limited experience with the complexities of biogas/RNG sampling, including the proper equipment to avoid contamination, low or high bias, maintaining sample stability, meeting the required detection limits, etc. To address these issues, rather than have one group conduct the sampling and another do lab analysis, Ohio Lumex provides the complete turnkey solution, tailored to the client’s needs.

While our Field Service Technicians have a reputation for their training and knowledge, we felt it was again time to take an industry leadership position by establishing a more rigorous, curriculum-based training program: the Ohio Lumex Biogas Sampling Certification Program. To further improve reliability, quality, consistency and adherence to industry accepted methods and practices, all our onsite testing personnel will go through the certification course. This will lead to better and more reliable data.

This program consists of the following elements:

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  • Creation of a formal Biogas Sampling Manual
  • Classroom instruction on basic principles and on specific methods
  • Written test to demonstrate proficiency
  • Hands-on instruction utilizing an in-house testing rig
  • Hands-on demonstration of proficiency
  • Field experience alongside senior engineers

This rigorous certification program is an important step in the direction of improving and standardizing gas quality measurements and will place Ohio Lumex’s onsite sampling services on par with our NELAP-accredited laboratory in terms of quality standards and reliability.

The program will cover a wide array of topics including:

  • Sample collection techniques such as sorbent traps, high pressure cylinders, SUMMA canisters, impinger trains, filters, and chilled mirror
  • Sample storage and shipping (including Haz-Mat)
  • Maintaining sample stability until time of analysis
  • Sampling considerations, and the proper use of equipment for various gas conditions, including high pressure, dry product gas (RNG), and low pressure/vacuum, high moisture raw biogas, etc.
  • Preventing biased results by avoiding sample contamination and/or scrubbing
  • Ensuring sampling methods are compatible with analytical methods and the required detection limits
  • Proper documentation for each method
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