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Supporting Marine Pollution studies with FireSting-PRO and AquapHOx system solutions


Ohio Lumex is proud to bring you PyroScience optical systems, including the well-known FireSting and the new AquapHOx underwater measurement systems. Recently featured in the special issue of ECO magazine, these optical systems represent some of the most recent technological innovations in the space of ocean health, including marine pollution studies.

During a scientific cruise in the Fall of 2020, Maria Pogojeva and her crew used the latest multi-analyte FireSting-PRO meter with optical fiber-based pH and oxygen probes for monitoring oceanographic conditions in the Russian Arctic shelf seas. Utilizing a pump-through system, the scientists collected water samples and continuously assessed temperature and salinity as well as biological parameters like dissolved oxygen concentrations and pH values in them. They then were able to analyze floating marine macro-litter (FMML) distribution and origin.

Based on the collected data, Pogojeva et al (2021) were able to identify water masses from various regions of the Eurasian Arctic and determine that FMML was found only in the saline and warm water of Atlantic origin, inflowing from the Barents Sea. In their recently published study, scientists concluded that this knowledge can help prioritize the litter management efforts in Arctic shelf seas.

In addition to the benchtop FireSting-PRO systems, the revolutionary all-in-one AquapHOx underwater measurement systems are now available. These systems offer flexibility and ease in monitoring of distribution and dynamics of oceanographic parameters like dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature in situ.

AquapHOx systems feature single or multiple analyte-based loggers for long-term monitoring and real-time transmitters for ultra-fast water column profiling, all of them compatible with the wide range of different sensor formats each fitting application needs:

  • Being most sensitive ultra-trace underwater oxygen sensors on the market, these can produce high resolution and high accuracy data in dead zones, oxygen minimum zones and during de-oxygenation events
  • Minimally impacted by harsh deep-sea conditions and salinity due to their intrinsic features, these pH sensor heads allow for high-sensitivity accurate ocean acidification studies which help understand ocean acidification and its effects on calcifying organisms
  • Ultra-fast oxygen sensors for non-invasive speedy Eddy covariance and profiling measurements are some other options that are unprecedented on this market until before the launch of AquapHOx underwater systems
  • Ready to be used complete incubation chambers with integrated oxygen, pH and temperature sensors are ideal for contactless read-out in situ studies that aim at assessing effects of pollution on marine organism’s metabolism and ocean ecosystems functioning
  • Minimally invasive micro- and mini-sensors offer the possibility of high-resolution measurements in sediments, over surface structures and along gradients providing insights into their response to existing pollutants or resulting from their recovery.

Ohio Lumex is proud to support marine pollution studies by bringing these technology solutions by PyroSciene to the United States and Canada. We are excited to see how fast the AquapHOx and FireSting-PRO systems are becoming the industry leaders in helping understand ocean pollution effects on life-essential marine ecosystems and providing further insight into the importance and possibility of their restoration.

Contact us to learn more about the various read-out devices, sensor formats and their suitability for your application.

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