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Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Plus

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Since its introduction nearly 20 years ago, the RA-915 Plus was widely accepted as the most accurate and sensitive mercury analyzer on the market.  Whether used as a standalone instrument for ambient air measurements or with attachments to analyze solids, liquids, and complex matrices, the RA-915 Plus has extensive capabilities.

NOTE: RA-915 Plus model has been discontinued and succeeded by the RA-915M model. Ohio Lumex will continue servicing RA-915 Plus units until further notice. 

Product Details

Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Plus Features

  • Zeeman Background Correction
  • Second-by-second measurements
  • Onboard data-logging available
  • Portable (canvas shoulder bag)
  • Related product add-ons greatly expand instrument capabilities

Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Plus Technical Specifications

Principle of Operation Atomic Absorption (AA)
Detection Range 2.0 ng/m3 – 20,000 ng/m3 (ambient air)
253.7nm wavelength Mercury EDL Light Source
Power 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz; dc 10/14 V; 15W Consumption
Dimensions 18.1” x 8.2” x 4.2” (460 x 210 x 110mm)
Weight 17 lbs. (7.5kg)

Typical Applications for Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Plus

  • Ambient Air Mercury Analysis
  • Sorbent Trap Mercury Analysis (with M324 attachment)
  • Mercury Analysis in Liquids (with RP-92 attachment)
  • Mercury Analysis in Solids or Complex Matrices (with PYRO-915 attachment)

Available Measurements for Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Plus


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