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Ohio Lumex is a worldwide leader in analytical products and services for gas measurement applications.  From emissions, air quality, and process monitoring to gaseous fuels testing, we offer our customers a full array of tools to meet their unique requirements.

Our core focus areas include:

  • Instruments: We design, manufacture, and distribute state-of-the-art continuous emissions monitors, gas analyzers, process monitors, integrated monitoring systems, sorbent trap sampling systems, and optical oxygen and pH sensors.

  • Sorbent Traps: We offer a wide range of sorbent traps and tubes to measure Hg, HCl, HBr, NH3, SO3, Se, As, VOCs, and siloxanes for a variety of applications.

  • Laboratory Services: Known for our high-quality and fast turnaround times, we operate a NELAP Accredited Laboratory that specializes in EPA EMC test method analysis, mercury analysis, biogas analysis, as well as custom projects and method development.

  • Field Services: We have a team of highly trained experts who travel to customer sites to install and service instruments, collect and analyze samples, and perform specialty testing projects.


Our sustained focus on research and development, drive to innovate, commitment to quality, and dedication to supporting our customers has allowed us to become a recognized leader in the field of gas analysis.  We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with big results while still maintaining our small company feel and entrepreneurial spirit.

Please take a look at our innovative products and services, learn more about the industries we support, browse through our blog articles, read what our customers say about us, and keep up with us as we share tidbits about our team, events, and developments.


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