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Oxygen and pH Sensors for 2D & 3D Cell Cultures, Microfluidics and Biotechnology Research


Updated: August 17, 2023

Fast and reliable oxygen and pH measurements are integral to many life science research fields and applications. Many analysts in those fields are faced with the challenge of implementing such measurements on a microscale and non-invasively. PyroScience optical oxygen and pH sensor systems offer a variety of comprehensive and easy-to-implement solutions for relevant life sciences fields like cell biology (2D and 3D cell culture), biochemistry, biotechnology, etc.

PyroScience oxygen and pH sensors have been successfully used in the following applications:

  • Hypoxia, cancer and stem cell research
  • Understanding available oxygen levels inside organ-on-a-chip systems
  • Dissolved oxygen level in 2D and 3D (microfluidic) cell culture systems
  • Cellular oxygen demand detection in 2D and 3D cell culture systems
  • Chip material gas permeability evaluation for material selection for microfluidic chip manufacturing
  • Indirect monitoring of cell viability in toxicological screening studies
  • Metabolic evaluation of complex 3D tissue-engineered constructs
  • Measurements of oxygen gradients in spheroids.

The below contactless and fiber-based oxygen and pH sensors feature non-invasive measurements with optical read-out from the outside (as demonstrated in the images above) which helps reduce the risk of contamination and leakage.

  • sensor spots, available as self-adhesive and sterilized versions
  • oxygen nanoprobes
  • flow-through cells, available as single use sterilized versions
  • needle-type microsensors sensors (as shown in the image below) which can be used for profiling in spheroids and for measuring of oxygen gradients at high spatial resolution.

These optical sensors are compatible with any of the FireSting optical meter models:

  • FireSting-O2 for oxygen and temperature monitoring (PC-powered via USB)
  • FireSting-PRO for pH, oxygen and temperature monitoring (PC-powered via USB)
  • FireSting-GO2 for oxygen monitoring (standalone version).

Contact us today for to learn more about the available options and for help in determining which PyroScience sensor system variation is the best fir for your research needs.

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