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Customer Training and Audit Program

Ohio Lumex's customer training and audit programs are designed to prepare users for real-world environments and provide a resource for new employees.


Our instrument and sorbent trap courses, as well as our oversight program, provide the skills necessary for customers to identify and perform basic troubleshooting, ongoing maintenance, and operating functions; increasing uptime and providing a continuing return on investment for the life of your equipment.

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Who Should Participate?

  • Engineers

  • Plant Managers

  • Maintenance Personnel

  • Stack Testers

  • Independent Consultants

  • Any Users

Available Subjects:

Hg Sorbent Trap Analysis using M324 System



    Advanced (solids, liquids, high concentrations, etc.)


915J Mercury CEM

    Operation and Maintenance

    Verification using Sorbent Traps

MEGA™ Multi-Component Gas Analyzer

    Operation and Maintenance

Mercury RATA Audit/Oversight

    Method Requirements

    Sorbent Trap Sampling

    Sorbent Trap Analysis

Sorbent Trap Sampling

    Hg Sampling for EPA Method 30B and PS12B

    Advanced Sampling for Challenging Conditions

    Sampling for Hg Speciation, HCl/HBr, NH3, Se, As, and other Sorbent Traps

HCl Sorbent Trap Analysis for OTM-40

    Analysis using Ion Chromatography

Male engineer performing training course using prompter

Additional Items of Note:

    Customized training is available upon request


    Ohio Lumex offers training at its corporate office as      well as on-site at your location

    Up to three people can comfortably participate in a
    training session. Additional training days are
    recommended for larger groups

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