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Mercury Analysis Services

Ohio Lumex is the go-to mercury expert often called upon by private, commercial, and regulatory agencies for its Mercury Analysis Services. Analysis is one of the most critical parts of the compliance process when dealing with mercury regulations.


We offer a comprehensive list of services, including EPA Method 30B, EPA Performance Specification 12B, EPA M7473 using direct mercury analysis via thermal decomposition, and many more. Ohio Lumex’s reputation for sorbent trap analysis and quickly providing custom-tailored solutions has led to unique and challenging requests from many industries. 


Our Laboratory offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry with the highest quality and goes beyond just analyzing and reporting of results by providing continual support and technical expertise.

Gold sorbent traps are primarily used for mercury measurements in natural gas using ASTM D5954. These low-level measurements are not amenable to the use of carbon-based sorbent traps which are biased by the presence of organic interferents.

Gold Sorbent Traps

Our Laboratory routinely analyzes EPA Method 30B Total Hg & Speciation sorbent traps for Relative Accuracy Test Audits, 30B LEE compliance, mercury control technology optimization/verification, and other 30B applications. These sorbent traps are analyzed via thermal desorption atomic absorption spectrometry using Ohio Lumex M324 sorbent trap analyzers. Ohio Lumex also produces, spikes, and provides expert guidance on the use of these sorbent traps.

30B and Hg Sorbent Traps

Our Laboratory follows EPA Method 7473 for analysis of solid materials via thermal desorption atomic absorption spectrometry. The types of solid samples our laboratory frequently analyzes for mercury content include coal, fly ash, soil, sand, limestone, filter materials, and a variety of other materials.

Miscellaneous Solids

We have constructed an entrained flow reactor for the purpose of evaluating Hg adsorbents (activated carbons, etc.). Elemental Hg calibration gas is supplied to the reactor while the subject material is slowly added to the reactor. Real-time measurements of Hg are obtained via an IRM-915+ monitor. Adsorbent characteristics of the subject material are evaluated by comparing Hg concentration during baseline with concentration during material injection.

Reagent and Sorbent Testing
  • Weekly Sampling System Rentals

  • Weekly Analysis System Rentals

  • Sorbent Traps/Tubes for Purchase

  • Sampling system, instructions, and supplies to ensure your sampling team delivers quality samples for analysis

Mercury Sampling Equipment and Supplies:

Certain measurement applications may make it impractical or infeasible to sample using sorbent traps. For these applications, a high-pressure gas cylinder filled with the sample gas may be sent to our laboratory for sample processing and analysis via ASTM D5954.

Gas Cylinders

In addition to analysis of Method 30B sorbent traps, our laboratory also specializes in the analysis of EPA Performance Specification 12B sorbent traps with extremely fast turnaround times and unparalleled data quality. Our laboratory spikes, customizes, and provides source specific recommendations and troubleshooting support of these sorbent traps.

PS12B Sorbent Traps
Liquids Analysis

Our analytical Laboratory follows EPA Method 245.1 for sub-ppb mercury measurements.

Mercury Onsite Services:

  • Online monitoring and batch samples using proprietary instrumentation and methodology

  • Training of Personnel

  • Commissioning and Installation

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Mercury Testing Services:

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