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Emissions and Process Monitoring Instruments

At Ohio Lumex, we specialize in a wide variety of environmental monitoring solutions. This includes monitoring emissions at coal-burning utilities and industrial boilers, as well as detecting mercury levels in natural gas and ambient air. Our multi-element continuous emissions monitor is a robust, low-cost option for measuring multiple gases simultaneously with NDIR. 


In addition to mercury detection, we offer high-precision optical oxygen sensors, optical temperature sensors, and gas chromatographs.


A comprehensive instrument rental program and instrument leasing program are available for customers seeking a quick turnaround time, flexibility, and precision for any project.

915J and CEMS Emissions Monitors.jpg

Learn more about our CEM and Emission Monitoring Systems

Solids, Liquids, and Complex Matrices An

Learn more about our Analyzers available for Solids and Liquids

Effluent Limitation Analyzer.jpg

Learn more about the Persee PF7 (ELG) metals in water analyzer

Natural Gas and Other Gaseous Fuels Prod

Learn more about our available Natural Gas and Siloxane Monitors

Optical Sensors and Meters.png

Learn more about our Optical O2, pH and Temperature Sensors

Mercury Ambient Air Analyzers Meters.jpg

Learn more about our

Ambient Air Analyzers and Monitors

Gas Chromatographs.jpg

Learn more about our GC-IMS configuration options

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