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The Ohio Lumex Analytical Laboratory

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, timely and most cost-effective analytical services to a wide range of industries, including:






  • Utilities

  • Cement Plants

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Refineries

  • Natural Gas

  • Waste to Energy / Biogas

  • Material Analysis 

  • Food and Beverage

  • Environmental Sample Analysis


Laboratory analyst using a pipette to perform an analysis using test tubes
Hand using a pen to write on paper
Female laboratory assistant using scientific equipment and software for methods development
Male laboratory experts reviewing analysis submissions
Laboratory statement of qualificatons with industries served

About the Laboratory

The Ohio Lumex Laboratory is a NELAP accredited laboratory focused on three core areas - analysis of gases, liquids and solids, methods development, and consulting for our industry. We are the premier laboratory worldwide for the analysis of mercury,  combustion gas emissions, and gaseous fuels, including EPA Method 30B, EPA Performance Specification 12B, and EPA M7473 using direct mercury analysis via thermal decomposition. Our Laboratory offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry with the highest quality and goes beyond just analyzing and reporting of results by providing continual support and technical expertise.

Our Commitment to Quality

The Ohio Lumex Laboratory follows strict "Quality First" policies and procedures established by NELAP, TNI Standards, and those developed internally to ensure high-quality data acquisition. Every analytical batch receives detailed attention from sample acceptance to final report delivery. A QA/QC manager reviews and assigns each project to specific instrument parameters for optimal results. Each set of data is independently reviewed to verify that all laboratory QC checks have passed and method requirements have been adhered to. Our Laboratory Management Team is available to answer any questions you may have about your report.


Essential elements of our QA/QC System:

  • Proficiency Testing

  • Data integrity and document control

  • Vendors must meet quality standards for materials purchasing

  • Environmental controls to ensure no cross-contamination or environmental effects that can compromise analysis

  • QA/QC verification of test methods

  • Estimation of uncertainty of measurement

  • Certified equipment

    • Analyzers, balances, pipettes, etc.

  • Adherence to traceability requirements

  • Essential QC Procedures

    • Controls

    • Repeatability

    • Assuring accuracy

    • Selection of reagents and standards of appropriate quality

    • Selectivity of tests

    • Ongoing assessment of QC

  • Sample receipt, acceptance, and handling

  • Maintain Chain of Custody

  • Internal audit system

  • External audits

    • Assessments every two years

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