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Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light-915  Discontinued

Light 915 Mercury Analyzer with Strap.jpg

NOTE: Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light 915 model has been discontinued and succeeded by the Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light-195M2 model. Ohio Lumex will continue servicing Light 915 units until further notice. 


The Light 915 is a good option for ambient air measurement applications that do not require the low detection limits of the RA-915 Plus/RA-915M analyzers but may be subjected to high concentrations that necessitate a wide measurement range.

  • Emergency response to mercury spills

  • Mercury spill cleanup verification 

  • Industrial hygiene and workspace monitoring 

  • Environmental inspection and site remediation

  • Real-time measurements in ambient air

  • NIST traceable calibration 

  • Highest selectivity and widest detection range on the market (5 orders of magnitude) 

  • Built-in datalogger (122h), performance verification test cell and auto-zero function

  • No "memory effect"

  • Fully automated, simple to operate 

  • Controlled by keypad or computer via USB interface or Bluetooth 

  • Rechargeable lithium battery, up to 12 hours of operation 

  • Rugged design for laboratory and field

  • Catalyst and carrier gases-free operation

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  • Since the RA-915 Plus has been discontinued, how long is it going to be serviced?"
    We will continue calibrating older units as long as they're functional. We will continue servicing older units until their replacement parts reserves are depleted.
  • How is RA-915 Plus different from the RA-915M model?
    The RA-915M is a further automated successor of the RA-915 Plus. The main advantage of the RA-915M is a new lightweight outer casing, built-in backlit screen display, automated calibration test cell and lamp ignition, a USB cable connection, and a higher upper detection limit (30,000 ng/m3 vs. 20,000 ng/m3).
  • Can older RA-915 Plus units be traded in for credit when purchasing a new analyzer?
    Yes. Please call us at 440-264-2500 for more details.
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