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Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light-915  Discontinued

Light 915 Mercury Analyzer with Strap.jpg

NOTE: Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light 915 model has been discontinued and succeeded by the Mercury Vapor Analyzer Light-195M2 model. Ohio Lumex will continue servicing Light 915 units until further notice. 


The Light 915 is a good option for ambient air measurement applications that do not require the low detection limits of the RA-915 Plus/RA-915M analyzers but may be subjected to high concentrations that necessitate a wide measurement range.

  • Emergency response to mercury spills

  • Mercury spill cleanup verification 

  • Industrial hygiene and workspace monitoring 

  • Environmental inspection and site remediation

  • Real-time measurements in ambient air

  • NIST traceable calibration 

  • Highest selectivity and widest detection range on the market (5 orders of magnitude) 

  • Built-in datalogger (122h), performance verification test cell and auto-zero function

  • No "memory effect"

  • Fully automated, simple to operate 

  • Controlled by keypad or computer via USB interface or Bluetooth 

  • Rechargeable lithium battery, up to 12 hours of operation 

  • Rugged design for laboratory and field

  • Catalyst and carrier gases-free operation

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