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Our Dedicated Team of Experts

We have a highly educated, experienced and customer-focused staff dedicated to serving you. Our senior management team provides leadership and direction to our seasoned staff.

Male scientist Anthony Schneider headshot

Anthony has a strong educational background in chemistry. During his years at Ohio Lumex, Anthony has taken on a wide range of responsibilities. Prior to assuming the role of laboratory director, he spent significant time as a field technician and environmental chemist with a focus on method development. He manages several skilled laboratory analysts employed at the Ohio Lumex Analytical Laboratory and also enjoys providing technical support for clients.

Director of Lab Services - M.Sc. in Chemistry

Anthony Schneider

Male laboratory director headshot
Male president and ceo of Ohio Lumex Joseph Siperstein headshot

Joseph is a chemist, and founder of Ohio Lumex. He has over 35 years of experience in applications related to chemical engineering, design and operation of chemical processes, continuous emissions monitors (CEMs), and analytical instruments, as well as research related to mercury measurement in gas, liquid, and solid media. He is the President of Ohio Lumex Company and has been in the mercury analysis field for over 20 years. He is also the designer of the Ohio Lumex M324 Sorbent Trap Analyzer System and worked with the EPA to validate the Hg sorbent trap methods used today. He continues to facilitate research into new methods and analyzers for alternative testing methods and applications.

President and CEO - M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry

Joseph Siperstein

Male president and ceo in business attire headshot
Male scientist Jonathan Cross headshot

Jonathan ensures the Ohio Lumex laboratory maintains compliance with NELAP standards and the company’s internal quality system. He often provides technical support for customers using sorbent traps for compliance or engineering studies and has spent 7 years managing field projects for a variety of applications across the country. Jonathan has coordinated various research and development efforts for the creation of new product lines and analytical methods and has secured support from government research grant programs. He is the author of many Ohio Lumex procedures, including those for sampling and analysis.

QA/QC Manager, Research Scientist - M.A. Physics

Jonathan Cross

Male research scientist headshot
Male director of compliance Shawn Wood headshot

Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in regards to mercury species in stack gases and sorbent trap sampling. Before coming to Ohio Lumex, Mr. Wood was Director of Engineering & General Manager at Apex Instruments for over 7 years, where he was responsible for product development of sorbent trap sampling systems. He has also spent more than 14 years testing at over 280 sources, ranging from power plants to cement plants and DOD chemical weapons incineration facilities. Over 90% of all this testing was conducted using Ohio Lumex sorbent traps.

Director of Compliance Technology

Shawn Wood

Male director of technology headshot
Laboratory staff of analysts, chemists, researchers, and director
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