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Ohio Lumex Supplies Gas Monitoring System for New Renewable Natural Gas Source for California

Updated: May 10

SOLON, January 19, 2022 – Pacific Gas and Electric recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Maas Energy Works and California Energy Exchange, where manure produced from thousands of cows will be converted to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), furthering California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Ohio Lumex, known for their expertise in biogas analysis, participated in this project by supplying their Ei2100 RNG Monitoring System. This state-of-the-art system continuously monitors the RNG for compliance with gas quality specifications set by PG&E and the State of California, including gases such as methane, CO2, H2S, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, moisture and Siloxanes. This project effectively diverts methane that would have been released into the atmosphere from dairies in Merced County and converts it to RNG, a net ultra-low carbon emission fuel source. RNG from Maas Energy’s facilities in Merced began flowing into PG&E’s gas transmission system in mid-December through a “mid-market” third-party pipeline. Approximately 55 percent of California’s methane emissions come from dairies and livestock, according to the California Air Resources Board 2018 Greenhouse Gases Emissions Inventory.

“We were very excited to play a small but critical part in this milestone project”, said Joseph Siperstein, president for Ohio Lumex. “Our Ei2100 addresses the industry need for a cost-effective, reliable, accurate and fast responding monitoring system so non-compliant gas can be prevented from entering the grid.”

About Ohio Lumex

Ohio Lumex began over 20 years ago with a cutting-edge mercury analyzer that quickly became the industry standard and continues to be a critical tool for industrial hygienists, first responders, and EPA offices throughout the United States. Now a worldwide leader in gas analysis, including emissions, air quality, gaseous fuels, biogas, and process monitoring, the company has expanded into four core areas of focus: Instruments, Sorbent Traps, Laboratory Services and Field Services. In 2020, Ohio Lumex introduced Elemental Instruments as a new product division with a focus on gas analyzer applications. Our sustained focus on research and development, drive to innovate, commitment to quality, and dedication to supporting our customers has made us into a recognized industry leader in our areas of expertise.

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