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Mercury Vapor Analyzer (Light-915M2)

A lightweight, compact option for mercury detection in ambient air

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Light-915M2 is a compact, portable mercury analyzer designed for direct Hg vapor measurement in ambient air. The Light-915M2 is a good option for applications that do not require the low detection limits of the RA-915M model but may be subjected to high concentrations that necessitate a wide measurement range.

NOTE: If you would like to view the discontinued, previous versions of this mercury analyzer (Light-915), please click here. Ohio Lumex will continue servicing Light-915 units until further notice.

  • Exceptional sensitivity: detection limit of 0.02 μg/m³

  • Real-time operation at 1 reading per second display, adjustable averaging

  • Fully automated with built-in test cell and auto zero

  • NIST traceable calibration

  • Wide dynamic range: 5 orders of magnitude

  • No memory effect

  • Integrated data storage for 12+ working days (at 10 sec averaging) with anytime data transferring to a USB drive

  • Battery up to 12 hours of continuous operation (charging time is 3.5 hours)

  • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Convenient and reliable keyboard

  • Anti-reflective tempered glass on the screen

  • Digital output: USB-B data exchange interface

  • USB-A host connector for peripheral devices

  • Quick and easy maintenance

  • Enhanced contamination protection system

  • Catalyst and carrier gas-free operation

Available Options
Technical Specifications
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Typical Applications
  • Workplace safety

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Mercury spill response screening

  • Hazardous waste inspection

  • Contaminated site investigation

  • Mercury measurement in scientific research

  • Occupational and industrial hygiene monitoring

Available Configurations

19" Rack

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Available Measurements
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Mercury Vapor Analyzer (Light-915M2) Flyer

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